The materials of a Chesterfield sofa are key to its quality and integrity. The following criteria must be rigorously observed.

(a) Frame: The internal frame (other than dowelling) must be 100% hardwood. Beech or birch must be used for all but minor frame elements. Dowelling must be affixed into pre-bored holes. Jointing must be appropriate as defined here.

(b) Padding and Stuffing: The piece must be fully stuffed and stuffing distributed evenly with appropriate stuffing, in layers where required. Examples of appropriate stuffing materials include foams, natural bristle, horse hair, cotton, feather and jute.

(c) UK Manufacture: The Chesterfield is a British design and its heritage lies within the United Kingdom. Chesterfield furniture must be manufactured in United Kingdom with at least 90% of materials sourced from United Kingdom suppliers. At least 50% of components must be manufactured from within the United Kingdom.

(d) Renewable wood: Hardwood frames must be from renewable resources.

(e) Springs: The Chesterfield arm, back and seat must be fully sprung.